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EFY India Expo 2015 Rundown

Posted on 08 April 2015 by Emelia Beeson Comments

  • The Electrolube team being presented with an award for participation at EFY Expo 2015 in New Delhi

Electronics for You Expo 2015 in New Delhi, India, turned out to be a roaring success, not only for us here at Electrolube, but for the Indian industry as a whole – marking an overwhelmingly positive start to the Indian economy’s potentially rocky year.

Energised by this years’ theme: ‘Celebrating the Success of the ESDM Industry’, Indian exhibitors revelled in shaking off the cautious predictions whispered by economic soothsayers at the end of 2014. You could feel the optimism for 2015 charge EFY Expo’s atmosphere as Indian ESDM (Electronics System Design & Manufacturing) success stories were shared continuously throughout the event at the CEO Summit.

Those Who Make in India, Stay in India

A strong focus for EFY exhibitors was placed on the ‘Make in India’ initiative, highlighted by being mentioned consistently in the popular ELCINA Buyer-Seller Zone – a designated platform for vendors to meet with major electronics buyers in key industries. This was excellent news for our Indian branch; the emphasis on ‘Make in India’ meant that India-based buyers are now keener than ever to work with India-based vendors. We not only have an office in India, but a warehouse, too, so our solutions can be delivered to local manufacturers at break-neck speed to meet any of their sudden needs. Needless to say, this made us even more popular than usual at the show!

  • Electrolube's Indian Sales Manager with exhibitors

    Our local distribution network helps to gather a crowd of prospective clients.

Another thing which maximised our success this year at EFY Expo 2015 was the presence of 2 other relevant shows taking place in the same location: IETF, a leading Engineering Trade Fair, and ACMA, a leading Automotive Components show. Visitors from all three trade shows took interest in us and filled our stand, commending its design, and scoring us a hat-trick of industries and interests to cater for – increasing our overall focus and footfall. In general, we gained particular interest from auto-components manufacturers and the LED industry, who all marvelled at our vast range of Conformal Coatings and Encapsulation Resins on offer.

The LED industry was in particular awe of our extensive array of dedicated products. For example, architectural lighting companies couldn’t get enough of our new Polyurethane Resins, UR5634 (optically clear) and UR5635 (optically hazy), which were both designed with LED potting in mind. Our flame-retardant Resins also had a lot of enquiries from manufacturers of LED drivers, such as the Polyurethane UR5604 (optically black), which is also often used in solar inverters, and the Epoxy Resin ER2188, which is known for its clean and safe flame-retardancy technology.

Our Thermal Management Solutions were also in high demand within this industry; LED lifetime is directly proportionate to their operating temperature, so by using our Thermal Pastes you can provide a ‘thermal path’ coming out from each LED bulb which then leads the heat away to the heat sink in order to improve the quality and lifespan of the LED. Read more about this here. Our non-silicone paste, HTC, proved perfect for most indoor application enquiries, while outdoor and high-bay lighting enquiries placed HTSP under the spotlight because of its extremely high thermal conductivity.

We also had a lot of enquiries from the Automotive industry, especially for our range of highly specialised Coatings. In particular, DCA, which is formulated to meet the highest defence standards and has approvals from the British Ministry of Defence itself, received a lot of attention from ECU (Engine Control Unit) manufacturers. If it’s good enough for James Bond, it’s certainly good enough for his car!

Of course, it wasn’t all work, work, work – there’s plenty of time to eat when you’re in New Delhi! Even at the exhibition the food was wonderful; perfectly shaped medu vada, crispy dosa, and moist stuffed parathas for lunch each day only attributed to the positive and enthusiastic buzz of energy flying all around us.

  • Indian cuisine at EFY Expo 2015, New Delhi

    From left to right: medu vada, dosa, and a stuffed paratha

With both our stomachs and our stand at maximum capacity, it was a surprise we could move long enough to take a proper look around EFY Expo; but we had plenty of manpower and so were able to take full advantage of everything the show had to offer. It offered a lot, too!

There were ongoing seminars every day at the ELCINA Buyer-Seller Zone, which had an overall focus on the Make in India initiative, but also centred on industries themselves, and the specific opportunities, requirements, and challenges of each local industry. We visited and indirectly participated in many of these talks, such as the LED Lighting Vendor Development Seminar, which gave us ample opportunity to network with buyers, sellers, and current customers; many of whom later approached our stand with follow-up enquiries.

There was also time to wander around in the Innovation Zone, where India’s finest innovations of the past year were proudly being showcased. Bustling with activity, there were all kinds of electronics on display; everything from drones to peripherals, such as 3D printers and IoT (Internet of Things) capable devices, including wearable tech. My personal favourite gadget was an affordable desktop 3D printer/scanner; launched by Economical Technologies, a company which ‘aims to provide economical and affordable technologies to customers across the globe’.

As the EFY Expo ended, we decided there was time for one last treat, and travelled with our Managing Director, Ron Jakeman, to see the Taj Mahal, just south of New Delhi, before his return to the UK.

  • The Electrolube team visit the Taj Mahal

    The Taj Mahal was built as a tomb for the Shah’s wife in 1653, after 22 years of construction.

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