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Productronica China 2015 Rundown

Posted on 20 May 2015 by Christine Zhang Comments

  • New Electrolube product samples on display at Productronica China

We’re back from one of our biggest shows of the year – Productronica China. All of us here in China agree that this was one of the best shows we’ve ever had, and possibly the most tiring! With five new products to unveil to 55,365 trade visitors, and a stand constantly brimming with prospects, we certainly had our work cut out for us this year.

Where do I even start? If you haven’t heard of Productronica, then you’re in the wrong industry! It’s one of the leading Electronics Trade Shows in the world, and is the only event showcasing the entire value chain in electronics production—from technologies and components to software and services. All in all there are three shows throughout the year that are in the Productronica family: Productronica China, Productronica India, and their parent-event: Productronica in Munich, which we will also be exhibiting at in November.

This year, Productronica China ran alongside Electronica China, and they were also co-located with two more shows: Laser World of Photonics China (covering all sectors of the Photonics Industry), and Semicon China (covering the Semiconductor Industry). Productronica itself was split into eight areas for each of the sectors: PCB Manufacturing, EMS, Component Manufacturing, Cable Processing, Component Mount Technology/SMT, Dispensing, Test & Measurement, and Electronic/Chemical Materials. This meant that every aspect to do with the electronics industry was really well represented and that all kinds of state-of-the-art developments were showcased, also making visitors aware of possible future applications and technologies.

Made in China… with Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, or the concept of a ‘smart factory’, was a hot topic throughout the whole show this year. Whichever area we found ourselves in, we saw some kind of demo showing off their latest production line advancements in Automation/Assembly technology and Manufacturing technology. Industry 4.0 is all about perfecting the individual production processes in a factory, and segmenting them into small processing sequences that interconnect to form a larger automated processing chain in order to cut the need for lots of manpower.

It was incredible to see just how many exhibitors were showcasing Industry 4.0 products; just about every stage within the automation and processing chain of Electronics Manufacturing was represented. We saw everything from multifunctional robotic arms, to air-powered automation technology, and even creative 3D printing for electronics manufacturing!

  • Front view of Electrolube Stand at Productronica China

The exhibition itself was well laid-out; it was organised in a way that enabled visitors to see similar products from different brands close by, no matter the industry area. However, the SMT area was a particular marvel; leading players in the SMT industry put together demo assembly lines for smartphone and automotive assemblies, as well as military and aerospace electronics assemblies. Both standard and ‘smart’ production processes were performed, so that onlookers could gain a clear view of how most mounted PCB production lines work at the moment, versus what they could be like after implementing industry 4.0; it was like glimpsing into the future.

No matter who you would talk to, previous visitors to Productronica China were all in agreement that the 2015 show was even bigger and better than last year. The statistics say that it was 8% larger than last time; but veterans of the show, like us, also noticed added benefits, such as more high-profile visitors, and a better organisation all-round. Most of the visitors were unsurprisingly Chinese or South-east Asian, as the show is more-or-less local for them – but we also had prospects from all over the world visit our stand, too; I myself spoke to people as far reaching as Argentina and Iran.

Award-Winning New Releases

Our stand was constantly humming with activity as we were rushed off our feet by prospect after prospect; manned by four Technical Sales guys, two Technical Engineers, as well as myself in Marketing, we were well prepared for such a busy show! We were all so busy that I found myself continuously dragging my team members from one client to another in order to make sure that everyone who visited our stand got a consultation – the show was HOT!

People were simply going crazy for our new Chinese products – and we had five of them! First off, there was UVC_LV , an ultra-low viscosity UV cure coating, a new development coming from one of our award-winning best sellers: UVCL. With such a low viscosity (50-100 cPs at 20°C), its ideal for the curtain spraying process for selective application of the coating. Being VOC-free, environmentally friendly, UV curable, and not to mention easy on the budget, it’s not hard to see why it gained so much interest at Productronica China.

PUCLO is another new Conformal Coating which was developed following on from a previous release: PUC, a Polyurethane Coating which is known for its excellent protection and adhesion to PCB boards in outdoor conditions, as well as its comprehensive chemical resistance and excellent mechanical specifications. In addition to these properties, PUCLO is low-odour and environmentally friendly, making it the perfect choice for many PCB manufacturers concerned about operator and environmental safety in conjunction with maintaining high performance.

Our new Silicone Potting Resin, SC2006, was a hit for Manufacturers of Components and PCBs at Productronica who needed their devices to last in extremely high temperatures. With similar properties to SC2003, these resins can both withstand an operating temperature of 200°C and offer excellent thermal conductivity. However, compare with SC2003 , SC2006 is extremely soft and flexible when it cures.

  • View of Electrolube Stand at Productronica China

We also unveiled two new Maintenance and Service Aids at Productronica China; RCS and SCA. Our Maintenance and Service Aids are aimed at complementing our other product divisions and helping along the processes with which they’re used. So, for example, our new product RCS (Rapid-Cure Sealant) is ideal for general-purpose bonding and sealing; offering a high bond strength, fast-cure time and wide operating-temperature range it’s ideal for a wide range of applications.

However, it was SCA, our Silver Conductive Adhesive, which really stole the show; the Semiconductor Industry couldn’t get enough of how perfect it is for chips bonding. SCA contains silver, so it has excellent electrical conductivity, as well as being thermally conductive with strong adhesive properties. Not only does it reduce the risk of ionic contamination (and therefore corrosion) due to its very low ion content of Cl-, Na+, K+; but SCA also has a very efficient application process because of its fast curing time and low temperature cure.

In fact, not long after Productronica China, SCA even won the prestigious Vision Award  in the Innovative Products and Services category for SMT at NEPCON China – you may have noticed me hint hopefully at the possibility of winning the Vision Award again earlier this year in our New Year Blog Post. This was the 2nd year in a row we’ve won an award at NEPCON (UVCL was last year’s winner), and these awards are considered very influential in Asia, especially in China. Hosted by the famous SMT Magazine, the Vision Awards have an excellent reputation for remaining uninfluenced, as they’re judged by a panel of impartial and well-known industry experts in Surface Mount Technology.

While you’ll find last year’s NEPCON winner, UVCL, as a listed product onsite, you won’t find SCA on here yet unless you’re browsing on our Chinese website. This is because our product catalogues can vary depending on the region we’re selling to, so make sure you view the right website for your region when browsing through our Product Lists. Our new releases at Productronica China aren’t available within our Product Catalogues from the rest of the world – at least not yet…

Nevertheless; we still have a range of similar products on hand regardless of region, and we don’t stay limited by our product catalogues anyway. So, if after a consultation we feel you need something that we have developed for another territory or something completely new, then we can still immediately offer you a tailored solution to meet your needs. Why not contact us and see what we can do for you?

  • Electrolube’s SCA wins China Vision Awards 2015

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