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The birth of new products: 4 ways we innovate

Posted on 23 October 2015 by Daniel Callaghan Comments

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Well, it’s less than a month to go now until Productronica 2015 and it’s almost all that we are talking about here in the office! Well, that and the rugby world cup which has been stirring some friendly rivalry within our multinational team over the last few weeks.

There’s been a lot of excitement for a few months now about the range of new product solutions that we have been developing ready to launch next month. Guaranteed to attract a lot of interest are our new Conformal Coatings (some of which are unique in the industry); epoxy, polyurethane and silicone encapsulation resins, and we have even enhanced a selection of our existing range of thermal products. When planning this blog and deciding on content it seemed a real no-brainer – let’s give everyone a glimpse into the workings and thought processes that we undergo during product development!

Electrolube have two world class R&D labs, one at each of our major manufacturing hubs in the UK and China. We have some real developmental ‘heavyweights’ and can push our capabilities ever further by investing in new lab equipment .

Our team are constantly striving to enhance our mantra as the “solutions people” this is done in a four ways:

Electrolube HTS and HTSP products in use

Customer Enquiry

Electrolube have a great selection of products suitable for many applications in the electronics industry, but the sheer nature of the industry determines that an existing product may not be ideally suited for the application. Lesser men may admit defeat at this point, but not Electrolube…, we will always try and find a solution whether this be developing a whole new product, or tweaking an existing one, we will find the answer.

Striving for Excellence

Have you ever sat back and looked at a project and gone, well, that went well, but I wonder if we could do it better? We have taken a selection of our current range, and said – this performs really well, but I wonder how much I can push the results? Take HTC in 2014; HTC is a fantastic product, but we looked at it and thought, “what if......”. We now have HTCP and HTCPX to compliment the range pushing performance for those who need it. We have done something similar this year for Productronica with some key product extensions.

Going Green

The electronics industry as a whole is starting to look at the safety and environmental impact of products, but here at Electrolube we’ve always taken our responsibility to the environment seriously and are continually looking for ways to improve our products to make them more environmentally and user friendly. Take ADZ for example which we launched back in February; the propellant gas used in the vast majority of air dusters is due to be phased out for single spray duster usage in early 2018, but rather than swap it out for another gas, we looked for an environmentally friendly total solution. By using Active Carbon as the new propellant, not only was this was an industry first, but it results in ADZ being one of very few air dusters on the market which is completely eco and user friendly.

Electrolube product in use

Revolutionary Technology

Another area where our R&D department shines is their ability to pick out niches in the market, and this year we have really surpassed ourselves with developments to our conformal coatings range, with some key new solutions from our R&D departments in both the UK and China. A selection of these new coatings use technology never before seen in the Conformal coatings market. So are we excited about these launches? – yes, and then some!

I just wish I could give more away about the products themselves, but you will just have to come and see us Hall A4, stand 466 next month. Not long to go now!