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(Another) Five coating facts Design Engineers really should be aware of…

Posted on 30 August 2016 by Phil Kinner FR
Tags: Conformal Coatings

By Phil Kinner, Technical Director For Electrolube’s Conformal Coatings Division
As we have been discussingover the last few months, thoughtful design will pay huge dividends down the line - and the designers among you will have friends for life among your production colleagues if you make their jobs just that little bit easier!  So, having started the conversation about the importance of making sound early-stage design decisions, for my next blog, let’s look at some of the issues that the… Read more >

Design…….Production……..Some essential conformal coating facts!

Posted on 08 July 2016 by Phil Kinner DE FR
Tags: Conformal Coatings

In my last blog piece I laid out some basic points to help ‘design out production problems’  - essentially how to spot those ‘wrinkles’ that might have an adverse effect on production, ironing them out before you even think about applying conformal coatings to your products.

In this post, I’m going to take a look at some issues you are sure to face - and which must be taken into consideration - when, finally, you apply those conformal coatings. Here are my five essential facts:

 Fact 1Back…

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IPC Apex 2015 Rundown

Posted on 25 March 2015 by Phil Kinner Comments

Phil Kinner presenting part 2 of 'CC-830 vs the real world' at Apex 2015

Apex 2015 was a great show for Electrolube – well, let’s face it, Southern California in February is a great place to be! I was joined by the US General Manager, Randi Gates, and together we met a good number of existing customers and channel partners, but more importantly; we met a lot of potential customers.

Their needs seemed to spread across all of our product divisions, and we saw an interesting pattern begin to emerge as we questioned our new potential clients. Each conversation would start off discussing an initial application; perhaps a Conformal Coating, for example, and then we would end up discussing the rest of our product divisions as we trouble-shooted further complications and problems that the visitors were having with their assemblies.

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