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Potting Resins Maintain A ‘Pool’ Of Light Down Under

Posted on 04 September 2017 by Alistair Little
Tags: Potting Compound, Knowledge, Resins, LED Industry, Case Study


Last month, I departed from my usual format - essentially to provide as much information as possible on the subject of resins, their formulations, chemistries, special properties and so forth, to concentrate more on how they are used to solve real world problems. As I mentioned last month, there is a growing interest in LED lighting, which offers a more efficient and longer-life alternative to halogen, incandescent and fluorescent lighting systems for both interior and exterior applications,…

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Casting A Spotlight On LED Resin Applications

Posted on 08 August 2017 by Alistair Little
Tags: LED Industry

Over the last few blogs, I’ve given readers pointers on virtually every aspect of potting and encapsulation resins, ranging from their formulations and special properties to their applications, benefits and limitations. It’s probably high time, therefore, to take a step back from the do’s and don’ts and focus instead on how these resins are bringing very real benefits to practical electronic and electrical engineering applications; and a good starting point is to look at the special requirements of an industry…

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How do I apply Conformal Coating? Which application method is best for me?

Posted on 17 July 2017 by Electrolube
Tags: Conformal Coatings, How-To

Which conformal coating to use is a question that here at Electrolube we get asked frequently.

However, Conformal Coating application is AS important, if not MORE important than selecting the right material for your application.  Even the best conformal coating, if it is applied poorly will provide inadequate levels of protection.

This is due to a number…

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Selecting The Right Potting Resin for The Job

Posted on 19 June 2017 by Alistair Little
Tags: LED Industry, Potting Compound, Encapsulation Resins

So far in my resin blogs we've looked at the various reasons for circuit potting and encapsulation using resins, outlined the various resin properties and how they relate to particular types of circuit protection, seen how to apply these resins in a production environment by deciding on which mixing and application techniques are appropriate to specific production needs, and finally, how best to achieve a satisfactory cure. But, I hear you ask, which type of resin is best for my project and production methods? How are my choices affected by the…

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Potting Compound Resins: Five ‘Number One’ Essentials To Achieve The Right Cure

Posted on 18 May 2017 by Alistair Little
Tags: Potting Compound, Encapsulation Resins

In my last blog, I looked at some of the critical things you need to consider before selecting your resin, which covered hardness, colour, viscosity and cure time. I do hope readers found this simple back-to-basics guide a useful starting point for further study and consultation. Of course, when it comes to the choice and application of resins, there’s a lot of information to take…

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