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Company News

Electrolube Launch Two Key Thermal Management Products at Productronica

Posted on 21 October 2015 by Electrolube

Electrolube has enhanced two of their most successful thermal management products to provide superior properties across a greater range of applications. The developments give customers greater choice and confidence in the efficacy and long-term performance of these new materials. The company will present the advanced new thermal management products in Hall A4 booth 466 at the forthcoming Productronica Exhibition (Munich, November 10-13 2015).

TCORP – Thermally Conductive RTV Plus

Electrolube has taken a highly effective product and made it even better: TCORP is a superior version of the company's TCOR single component, low-odour, room temperature vulcanization (RTV) silicone, which cures upon exposure to atmospheric moisture (oxime-cure). The thermal conductivity of the new formulation has been increased from 1.8W/m.K (TCOR) to 2.20W/m.K (TCORP).

TCORP is ideal for gap filling around components and power resistors to dissipate excess heat via heat sinks, and is very effective at preventing overheating and premature component failures. It is a multi-use product, as it can be used both as a sealant or gasketing compound, as well as a low bond strength thermal adhesive. TCORP has a wide operating temperature range (-50 to +230°C), making it a suitable contender for harsh automotive under-hood applications. TCORP is an ideal solution when thermal conductivity is a critical requirement for your application.

SCTP – Surface-Cure Thermal Paste

SCTP is a highly effective and efficient thermal interface material, designed to fill gaps that naturally exist between two metal surfaces placed one upon the other, dramatically improving the effective range of surface area for heat transfer.

One of the key properties of SCTP is that it does not set, remaining malleable when rework of components is required. The product is specifically designed to resist pump-out of the thermal interface layer from the bond line, ensuring minimal degradation of effective heat dissipation. It is especially suited to applications that are exposed to rapid and frequent changes in temperature, as such conditions are known to exaggerate the pump-out effect of standard thermal pastes. SCTP also has excellent thermal stability, resisting up to 200⁰C

The physical application of SCTP couldn't be simpler; while the material can be applied using conventional industrial dispensing equipment, it can also be applied via screen/stencil printing directly onto the contact surfaces. In addition, SCTP does not contain any solvents and due to its ease of application, it is possible to apply very thin films, thus minimising the effects of thermal resistance at the interface and offering much greater stability over the lifetime of the device when compared to conventional heat transfer systems.

TCORP and SCTP join a host of advanced electro-chemical materials from the Electrolube range at this year's Productronica show. Visitors are welcome to join the technical team at the show to discuss their individual needs and gain expert, problem-solving advice.