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Company News

Electrolube Launch New Resins at Productronica

Posted on 27 October 2015 by Electrolube

Delivering innovation for a wide range of applications, Electrolube, the global manufacturer of electro-chemicals, will unveil three strategically important product developments at the Productronica Exhibition (Munich, November 10-13 2015) on stand 466 in Hall A4. The company has already released details of two new thermal management products, which will be launched at the show; these now join three market leading resin products - an epoxy, a silicone and a polyurethane – which have been formulated to meet specific customer needs and position Electrolube at the forefront of the global encapsulation resins market. The three important new product developments, which are expected to create a buzz at this year's Productronica show include:

Epoxy – ER4001

Available in 250g resin packs and 25kg kits, this tough epoxy system is a high temperature resistant, thermally conductive, two-part encapsulation compound that provides full protection up to 150°C. Thanks to its enhanced thermal conductivity; ER4001 is ideal for those applications that require effective heat dissipation, particularly for units with limited spacing. Completely free from abrasive fillers, this product will have minimal wear impact on dispensing equipment.

Silicone – SC2006

Available in 50g duo dispenser, 250g resin pack and 50kg kits, this UL94 V-0 compliant, two-part silicone encapsulation compound offers not only good thermal conductivity but also exceptional high temperature performance, making it suitable for applications operating up to 200°C. The product is extremely soft and flexible, and is ideal for those encapsulation and gap filling jobs involving delicate components and assemblies. SC2006 is formulated for a 1:1 mix ratio, greatly simplifying processing operations.

Polyurethane – UR7002

Available in various sized kits, this two-part, high performance encapsulation resin offers a high degree of flexibility for the encapsulation of delicate electronic and electrical components. Of particular note, UR7002 has a very wide operating temperature range, maintaining its flexibility from as low as -70°C all the way up to +120°C. Offering excellent water resistance, the product is both tear and impact resistant, and demonstrates low moisture sensitivity both during and after cure. Minimal isocyanate content in this non-reacted system ensures significantly reduced hazard in terms of operator safety.

Providing superior protection for delicate components deployed in harsh and challenging environments, UR7002 is the encapsulant of choice for sensor and under-bonnet systems manufacturers.