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Company News

Electrolube India - Official Distributors for Beijing Tietop Precision Cleaning

Posted on 29 September 2016 by Electrolube
Tags: Distributor, Press Release

Electrolube India is delighted to announce a new partnership and official distributor status with Beijing Tietop Precision Cleaning Equipment, leading suppliers of modular system cleaning apparatus. The global electro-chemicals manufacturer has recently established a new manufacturing facility in Bangalore, located close to the major electronics manufacturing hubs of Southern India. The partnership with Tietop will add yet another dimension to Electrolube's product offering.  

Beijing Tietop produce an innovative range of modular cleaning equipment with three key systems available; entry level, off-line automatic and in-line automatic. All three systems are compatible with Electrolube's aqueous cleaning range "SAFEWASH", developed to provide superior cleaning performance to both military and commercial standards at minimal cost. Cleaning is an essential process within electronics manufacture and is used to remove contaminants such as flux, solder and adhesives residues during PCB manufacture. Electrolube will be establishing  a four-stage cleaning system at its extensive new factory facilities in Bangalore to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Tietop equipment and Electrolube's aqueous cleaning range "SAFEWASH".

  • Electrolube Managing Director, Ron Jakeman (centre), Electrolube India's Sales Manager, Padu Shaktivelu (left), and Beijing Tietop's General Manager, Dai Suhong (right)

Electrolube Managing Director, Ron Jakeman, commented: "This is yet another strong development for Electrolube India. We have already made significant investment in our new manufacturing facility in Bangalore to support the local markets we serve and increase assurance in our capacity to be a consistent and reliable supplier of electro-chemicals. Our partnership with Tietop will build on this foundation in one of the world’s prime electronics manufacturing regions."

Electrolube India's Sales Manager, Padu Shaktivelu, added, "Electrolube's reputation continues to grow in India and this is another positive step. We will be able to supply high quality, precision cleaning equipment to the local market from our warehouse facilities and offer invoicing in local currency. Early indictations reveal a lot of local interest with several demonstration sessions already booked."

Beijing Tietop's General Manager, Dai Suhong, commented, "Electrolube is a global brand with an excellent reputation and we are delighted to award official distribution status. The Indian market has great potential with many local manufacturers sourcing water-based cleaning systems."