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Company News

Electrolube Announce Electronica as Best Yet

Posted on 23 November 2016 by Daniel Callaghan
Tags: Electrolube, Event, Press Release

Electrolube has confirmed Electronica as their most engaging and successful show yet. The principal international electronics trade fair in Munich, Germany, attracts 73,189 visitors from 80 different countries and this year’s surge in interest for Electrolube’s specialist solutions, particularly the company’s latest Conformal Coatings, Encapsulation Resins and Thermal Management products, which reflected in the company’s extensive enquiry list.

Ron Jakeman, Electrolube's Group Managing Director, said: “Electronica was categorically our best show yet. The range of Conformal Coatings, Resins and Thermal Interface Materials on display attracted more interest than we could have anticipated, highlighting how manufacturers, particularly from automotive and LEDs, are fully embracing the importance of electronics protection and are turning to Electrolube as a reliable solutions provider for off the shelf and bespoke requirements. Our two stands at the show worked extremely well, focusing on Resins and Coatings solutions on one stand and Thermal Management solutions on the other. The key attraction on our thermal stand was certainly our brand new thermal phase change materials, zinc free thermal paste and thermally conductive potting compounds. The resin and coatings stand attracted major interest in our new 2K, two part coatings range and next generation resin solutions developed for the automotive and LED industries.”

 The innovative new two-part conformal coating series, ‘2K’, comprises three products – 2K100, 2K300 and 2K500 - each meeting a host of specifications and all fully IPC-CC-830, RoSH-2 and REACH compliant. The 2K collection of solvent-free conformal coatings has been carefully formulated to enable the distinctive performance and protection of a resin with the straightforward application of a conformal coating, making it a breakthrough product that is particularly suited to meeting the harsh environmental demands of automotive applications, as well as providing a highly effective, time and cost saving solution for a wide range of manufacturing sectors.

There was also a lot of interest from visitors in several key additions to Electrolube’s Encapsulation and Potting Compound ranges, which have been specially formulated to provide protection for electronic components even in the most extreme environments. New resins on show essentially suited the demands for automotive applications and a variety of indoor and outdoor LED applications. The resin product that saw the most interest was Electrolube’s innovative new black epoxy resin system, ER2223, which has been designed to meet the needs of under-bonnet requirements and is highly chemically resistant to vehicle fluids found in engine compartments. ER2223 is a very high temperature, stable epoxy with an exceptionally wide operating temperature range of -40 to 180oC.

 Thermal management materials including Electrolube’s silicone-free thermally conductive phase change materials, TPM350 and TPM550, and zinc oxide free non-silicone heat transfer compound, HTCX_ZF10S, were the key attraction on the Thermal stand. The level of enquiries in Electrolube’s thermal phase change materials was especially high, showing the ever increasing importance among visitors of managing heat dissipation effectively for reliability.

Electronica was also the ultimate platform for Electrolube to boost awareness of their own in-house thermal shock testing facilities, particularly critical for electro-chemicals destined for military and harsh automotive applications, and the company’s latest advances in condensation testing. More than 25 key sales, R&D and management personnel attended the show from Electrolube’s international offices in Australia, China, USA, India, France, Germany and the UK, to share knowledge with visitors and offer assistance to every nationality visiting the stand.

 Electrolube’s Group Marketing Manager, Julia Vorley, said: “Electronica has been a very successful show for Electrolube. There was a great deal of interest from prominent decision makers, designers and R&D teams across a variety of industries, particularly LED manufacturers and the automotive sector. We were keen to see what response the new products would achieve at the show, and were thrilled with the exceptionally high level of interest. This provided us with the perfect opportunity to meet with existing and new clients and helped towards reinforcing the company’s solid reputation as a complete electro-chemicals solutions provider for the global electronics industry.”