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Electrolube Conformal Coatings, Potting Compounds, Thermal management solutions and other associated product solutions for all areas of the Automotive Electronics industry.
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Some of the first ‘horseless carriages’ were powered by electric motors and modern vehicles have included them on a smaller scale for decades, powering elements of the vehicle from the moment we turn the key (starter motor) to the moment we park the car (electric handbrake). In recent years this has gone full circle, powering the vehicle itself in electric and hybrid vehicles. Electrolube have a specialist range of products used across the board by most of the major automotive manufacturers to aid the smooth operation of components and reliability of the electric motors. Electrolube has the bespoke solution for you.

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Electrolube have an extensive range of products suitable for all automotive application environments, we have collated a selection of products in a specialist brochure to aid your selection which can be viewed here:

Electrolube also have a number of articles and blogs which you may find useful in selecting the right material for your application

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CG80 - Contact Grease

Contact Grease

35ml Syringe - 10KG

Product code: CG8035SL - CG8010K

Specially formulated synthetic grease with exceptionally high temperature stability and oxidation resistance. CG80 is designed to improve contact performance by increasing the effective contact area thus preventing hot-spots, arcing and other issues associated with electrical contacts. Excellent mechanical properties, even when exposed to temperature extremes.

Key Properties:
  • Excellent performance at high temperatures
  • Good electrical properties
  • Low evaporation weight loss
  • Contains a UV trace to allow easy inspection

Product data sheets
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