Automotive Electronics

Electrolube Conformal Coatings, Potting Compounds, Thermal management solutions and other associated product solutions for all areas of the Automotive Electronics industry.
  • ECU protection
  • LED protection
  • Contact Lubricants
  • Cable harness potting
  • EV Motors + drivetrain / Batteries
  • Component Thermal Management

The average vehicle today is home to a huge variety of electronics, from the smallest of sensors, to large motors in electric vehicles with each new model host to an array of new technology with the standard features increasing year on year. The extensive Electrolube range has served the automotive industry’s major manufacturers for over sixty years, ensuring designers can be confident in the reliability of electronics in one of the most varied of application types. Electrolube has the bespoke solution for you.

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Electrolube have an extensive range of products suitable for all automotive application environments, we have collated a selection of products in a specialist brochure to aid your selection which can be viewed here:

Electrolube also have a number of articles and blogs which you may find useful in selecting the right material for your application

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Automotive Electronics


GF400 -  GF400  Gap Filler

GF400 Gap Filler


Product code: GF400_400ML

GF400 is a two part, liquid silicone based gap filler, which provides excellent thermal performance (4.0 W/m.K) and can be cured at room temperature or accelerated with heat. After curing GF400 forms a low modulus elastomer preventing the 'pump-out phenomenon'.

Key Properties:
  • Soft and compliant for low stress applications
  • Low viscosity; easy to dispense
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Low modulus elastomer, prevents 'pump-out'

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