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Electrolube materials both protect components and prolong the life of LED units. Find your Electrolube solution.
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The global LED industry is booming worldwide as individuals, companies and governments switch to these more efficient and eco-friendly lighting solutions. Electrolube has been at the forefront of this boom, supplying specialist solutions to the world’s best known LED manufacturers. Electrolube materials work to protect components and prolong the life of LED units and their associated components such as drivers. Find your Electrolube solution.

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Electrolube have a specialist LED brochure providing comparisons and test data to help you chose the right product for your application; this includes a wealth of useful information such as collaborative test data from Bridgelux comparing data on Conformal Coatings vs Encapsulation resins, Absolute Colour Change (∆E*ab) following 1000 hours UV Exposure, the difference potting depth makes and general product comparisons to help you make the right choice.

If you have any questions our dedicated technical support team are also on hand to answer your questions and we also have a wealth of information available in our Articles and Blogs section:

LED Industry

LED Industry

UR5644 - Flame Retardant Cloudy/Hazy Polyurethan

Flame Retardant Cloudy/Hazy Polyurethan

250g - 5Kg

Product code: UR5644RP250G - UR5644K5K

UR5644 is a flame retardant polyurethane resin / potting compound which has a hazy, light defusing effect ideal for potting LEDs. It is flame retardant and will pass UL94 V-0 (approval pending) making it an excellent choice for LEDs used in Hazardous or ATEX areas giving a softer light than the optically clear UR5641 while still offering excellent levels of protection. UR5644 is based on the same halogen free aliphatic chemistry as UR5641, offering resistance to the yellowing effects of UV light as well as good chemical resistance while allowing the transfer of the majority of RF radio frequencies with the minimal of scattering.

UR5644 has good adhesion to a wide range of substrates meaning it can be used to encapsulate any number of components that require a high level of flame retardantcy while it also offers good chemical resistance and low water absorption.

Key Properties:
  • Hazy Light Diffusing Effect
  • Flame retardant UL94 V-0 (pending)
  • Resistant to UV yellowing
  • Excellent for the protection of LED's in hazardous environments
  • Halogen free
  • Good Adhesion
  • Good Chemical resistance
  • RoHS Compliant

Product data sheets
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