Tailored solutions


  • Excellent technical support
  • Strong research and collaboration
  • Vast array of products and solutions
  • Excellent customer service
  • An additional department to any team

With our expansive product range of formulated chemical products, we supply leading manufacturers of electronic, industrial and domestic devices for a variety of industries, thus offering the ‘complete solution’ at all levels of production.

If our range does not quite meet what you are looking for, our technical support and research and development teams will work with you to solve your chemical problem and supply the perfect solution.

Tailored Solutions

Because we’re represented in over 50 countries, our disciplined network of subsidiaries and distributors can offer all our customers genuine security of scale.  This robust supply chain means that when the unexpected happens, we’re still capable of delivering a truly unique service anywhere in the world.

Our unrivalled, very personal customer service also extends to every corner of the world.  You can rely on our fully trained staff to be knowledgeable and up to speed with the latest technological developments. Having a named single point of contact helps ensure we work closely with our customers, solving problems in the most efficient way.

All our products are manufactured at our BS EN ISO 9001 accredited factories in the UK and China.  The UK also has ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 accreditations.