Technical Articles

Technical Articles

Polyurethane Encapsulants - Enhanced Protection For LEDs in Challenging Environments

Posted on 17 August 2018 by Alistair Little DE
Tags: Polyurethane, LED Industry

Polyurethane Encapsulants – Enhanced Protection For LEDs in Challenging Environments

Over the past 10 years the use of LEDs for home and commercial lighting has increased exponentially, with a wide range of applications and specialist features that incandescent and fluorescent lighting systems simply cannot meet. The improvements in the efficiency of the LED over the past few years has also lead to a considerable improvement in the lifespan of the component, which is now substantially greater than both the traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting technologies. This has meant that for a number of applications, LED lighting…

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Conformal Coatings Vs Potting Compounds Which is better to protect my PCB, a coating or a resin?

Posted on 31 March 2017 by Phil Kinner FR  EN  NL CZ
Tags: Conformal Coatings, Potting Compounds, LED Industry

This is a question that is often asked throughout the electronics industry and Like any good engineering answer, it depends… on the degree of environmental protection required. The first thing to consider is often the design of any housing within which the PCB will be enclosed. If an assembly is enclosed in a housing which is designed to be the primary environmental protection, then a conformal coating is often used to provide a back-up to the primary protection provided by the housing. Where the housing is not suitable or capable of providing primary protection of the assembly from its operating environment, then most times a resin might be a better choice. Read more >